What Skills are Required for Oil Rig Jobs?

In today’s economy, there are many hard working people looking for the right careers where they can utilize their skills, and make a good living so they can provide for themselves, their families and pay their bills. If  you possess physical strength and good team spirit, then an oil rig job may be the answer for you!

First of all, it’s important to note that oil rig jobs are not for everyone. Oil rig jobs are tough and require you to work long hours in isolation in the open sea (often out of sight of land for long periods of time). Additionally, extreme weather conditions can be a common occurrence and are not for the timid.

If  hard work, isolation and weather aren’t enough to deter you, then you may be the right fit for an oil rig job, and may also be on the path to a good career and good living. There are different positions you can apply for in an oil company, each of which have their own entry requirements. These positions include rig manager, driller, derrick hand, motor hand roughneck and roustabout, just to name a few.

What Skills are Needed for Oil Rig Jobs?

Roughnecks and roustabouts are entry-level positions. These positions are commonly referred to as manual laborer jobs and require little or no formal education to get the job. However, some employers will demand a high school diploma while others will not. The only thing most employers are looking for is your ability to quickly adapt to the job and a desire to learn. You will, however, stand a better chance of employment (and an advantage over your competition) if you have undergone a petroleum industry training program or if you have some experience in the petroleum industry. Other oil rig jobs which require no experience but are less strenuous include catering and housekeeping.

There are other oil rigs jobs that WILL require more skill and extensive training in school. You will be required to at least have a high school diploma for some of the jobs, and when it come to the management levels college education in the relevant field will often be required.

For example, the skills required by an electrician include the ability to install, repair and maintain all the electronic equipment. Additionally, he should be able to check all the equipment to ensure that optimal performance is achieved. Most importantly, he should be trained in first aid and safety.

Another job is a deepwater driller, whose basic skills involve the ability to operate drilling and mud circulating equipment. Team spirit, good coordination skills and safety skills will also be required from a deepwater driller.

oil rig jobs welder What Skills are Required for Oil Rig Jobs?Welders will need to be highly skilled in repairing and building new metal works in the oil rig.

Another position is the remote technology specialist. Remote technology specialist is one of the most demanding jobs on an oil rig since extensive technical knowledge is required. Some of the technical skills a remote technology specialist should have include the ability to install ROV systems and being able to make major overhauls of the ROV equipment.

Medics are also employed on oil rigs and should have the ability to give medications and carry out medical evaluations on all the employees. Additionally, medics should be computer literate and have good communication skills.

Engineers are seen as the highly skilled workforce in the oil rig industry because they must have a college degree. An engineer should have skills in floating or fixed structures and subsea systems. Additionally, they are required to have computer skills relevant to the engineering and flow assurance software.

As you can see, the level of skill you are required to have for an oil rig jobs depends specifically on the position you are applying for.

If you’re looking for a shortcut into the industry, and lots more information about how to find and land great jobs in the oil business, we recommend checking out this guide. It’s a fantastic resource for breaking into the industry quickly and easily, and is one of the best investments you can make for yourself.

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